Institut d'Optique Graduate School Rhône-Alpes, Saint-Étienne - France

The school is equipped with high-level astronomical equipment
The Astronomical Observatory
A semi-professional observatory! The main instrument is a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope 35 cm in diameter, f / 11 aperture (Celestron 14). It is supported by a high-end equatorial mount (Astrophysics 1200 GTO). (SBIG ST8-XME), webcams, eyepieces (Naglers), filters (RGB, OIII, UHC, full-aperture solar), Takahashi FS-60 apochromatic bezel ... The unit is controlled by 2 PCs and can also be controlled remotely via the Internet. The whole is sheltered under a dome INACO of 3.5 m of diameter, located on the roof of our building.

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Thanks to Thierry Lépine I was able in 2004 and 2005 to measure double stars and to discover 11 new doubles as well as a third component to DBR3

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